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We work with many of the most respected airlines in the industry.

From world-leading companies such as South African Airways and the KLM/Air France partnership to regional specialists like Air Malta and Kenya Airways, all have one thing in common: reputation for quality supported by a deep-seated belief in the value of long-term partnerships.

We have a proud track record of initiating, managing and making significant contributions to the courier and express programmes of many airlines. In addition to the airlines mentioned above, we work regularly with leading operators which have included British Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways, with developing relationships with Etihad & Jet Airways.

Through Network Solutions, we have added an extra dimension to our service: one that enables us to develop and enhance an express programme by using either an airline’s existing infrastructure or the capabilities provided by Bridges Worldwide wholesale express. In our experience, it is frequently possible to enhance an express programme to such an extent that it becomes the foremost contributor to a carrier’s revenue.

Committed to the operation of a comprehensive and unique global infrastructure, we always aim to work with carriers that are indigenous to specific regions and which complement each other as key elements of a total, seamless network.