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Bridges Charter Agency (BCA) is a newly established business concept dedicated to dealing with all your cargo charter requests.
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Bridges aircraft ownership (3 Saab 340A), combined with the accessibility of 30 more aircrafts used to operate the Bridges European network, offers an excellent opportunity to the aircraft charter market.

Our focus is on the 1-20 ton payload segment. We are well positioned to offer attractive quotes for all your ACMI, ad hoc charter and charter program requests. Our renowned drive to deliver quality excellence has been extended to our charter activity.

Although the above described segment is our obvious strength, all your cargo charter requirements will be evaluated. We will provide you with a quote using the same selection criteria we use in order to serve our current very demanding – but satisfied – customer base.

We compete on price and service quality supported by a global team of highly experienced aviation experts.

For more information please call - +30 6932212690


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you will be contacted within the next 24 hours if the shipment is urgent please call Henry Farrugia on
+30 6932212690