Welcome to Bridges

Bridges remains both independent and flexible to changing Customer requirements on a global basis.

The company continues to experience consistent growth and profitability.

Bridges has a vastly experienced Management team from the Express and Airline industry.

Bridges Worldwide provide ‘Network Solutions’ to the Logistics, Express and courier industries using both Scheduled Commercial Airlines and Regional Freighters operations.

Co-load solutions represents the most cost effective, and environmentally friendly means to develop the customers network, and improve service standards.

Bridges has developed a network by utilising complimentary commercial airlines indigenous to specific areas of the world, to link together and form a unique global Express system.

This has been complimented with regional freighter networks operating where airline capacity is either restricted, unsuitable or unavailable.

Today the Bridges group operate approx. 1000 flights per week of which 75% is on commercial airline, and 25% on regional freighter networks.

In addition, Bridges move approx. of 500 tons per week which is split evenly between the commercial airline and regional freighter networks


Bridges Worldwide & Bridges CBS are excited to announce the opening of our External Temporary Storage Facility from 5th October 2020.

Our fully accredited services offer partners and customers tighter controls over airline handling and storage costs. This benefits importers who require multiple HAWB splits, have commodities prone to inspections/holds, or require customs clearance to be deferred temporarily.

For rates and a full list of services, please contact our Commercial Team at commercial@bridgesww.co.uk or by calling us on +44 (0)1753 443700

Bridges Global Facts

1000 Flights per Week ++
75% % of flights operated
via commercial airlines
25% % of flights operated via
regional freighter networks
500 Tonnes per week ++

Leading provider of neutral network solutions to the international courier and express community