General FAQ’s

What services are covered under your “network solutions” umbrella?

Network Solutions is the name given to our freighter division, however the services we offer within the Bridges Global Network range from standard operational solutions to bespoke offerings which include: airport to airport capacity (on both freighter and commercial airlines), dedicated aircraft bookings, loading/offloading of cargo. Please contact us for further details.

What is the main difference between Freighter and commercial airlines – is there an advantage in using one format over another?

Commercial are scheduled aircraft operations which carry passengers (with restricted cargo capacity) operated by Airlines, easily accessible with significant global coverage as the main advantage.

Freighter aircraft is “freight only” with no passengers and controlled through the Bridges Group – this is a bespoke solution to tailor to our customer’s needs and operational demands ie time sensitive shipments and where capacity requirements cannot be met via commercial restrictions.

Do you only partner with certain airlines?

We already partner with a vast array of Airlines which allows us to offer a global service from all our locations/regions. However, as Bridges remains both independent and flexible to changing customer requirements, we are always keen to work with new airlines and forge new business. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What global coverage does Bridges offer?

Bridges Main Offices:

Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur

Bridges Associate Offices:
New York

FAQ’s specific to Customs Brokerage

Do I need to open an account before trading?

It is not necessary to open an account with us for Bridges to customs clear on your behalf however, we will need “cleared funds” before the shipment is released. For speed and convenience, we would recommend regular customers are account holders – please speak to a member of the team for further information

Will I need to make contact with the relevant airline?

You may need to do this – this will be to confirm to the Airline that Bridges has been nominated as your clearance Broker. We are happy to advise/assist as required.

Do I need to arrange to collect / deliver my shipment into the airline?

You can collect/deliver from/to the airline directly or alternatively we can arrange on your behalf

Will I need to pay the airline directly for their charges?

There is an option for you to pay the airline direct for any handling charges. Alternatively, we can use our CASS Account and Bridges can do this for you (with any payment added onto your final clearance bill)

How can I make payment to customs for any Import duty or VAT applicable?

There are 3 options available :

  • BACS payment to HMRC
  • Customs clear using Bridges deferment account (additional fee applies for this service)
  • Customs clear using your deferment account (we will require authorisation from you to do this)

Please speak to the Bridges team for additional advice about duty/vat payment.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept credit card payments however, you are able to make a BACS transfer – please speak to us for further information.

How will I know what the Import duty/Vat charge will be on my customs entry?

Please refer to the Duty Cost Calculator available on the Bridges CBS website which will provide further detail.

What information do I need to supply for Bridges to perform my Import or Export clearance?

The Bridges team will offer case specific advice, however, routine information would be a copy of the commercial invoice (in addition, manifest details may be required)

What details should be on my commercial invoice?

Standard information would be: Sender/Receiver, EORI, full and accurate description of goods and/or commodity code, value and any other important information eg reason for import/export, details of any special clearance information if appropriate eg License info. Our team will provide full support/advice if you are unsure and advise on both invoice requirements and any supporting paperwork/documentation

Do I need to be VAT registered to import or export goods into / out of the UK?

This is not necessary but you will need to be EORI registered (Economic Operator Registration Identifier).

How do I become EORI registered?

You will need to apply to customs at www.hmrc.gov.uk and follow the links re EORI Application to download the on-line application form. The Bridges team can provide information/further assistance and you only need to apply for your EORI once with HMRC.

What paperwork/information can I expect to receive from Bridges for any customs clearance?

All Import & Export housekeeping is guaranteed and your entries will be monitored for clearance via CHIEF/CDS. As part of our full service package, any liaison with HMRC/another Government Agency is conducted by the Bridges Team including Operational dealings with airlines and sheds taking the hassle and time away from you!
You will be updated every step of the way and will also be provided with copy paperwork (Import/Export entry) for future Audit purposes

My company has not used Bridges before – how can I obtain some more information about you and the service you provide?

We welcome contact from new and potential customers. We understand we need to gain your trust and you may wish to discuss what we can offer you in a face- to- face meeting. Our Business Development and Compliance Manager would be happy to visit you at your convenience. To arrange an appointment please contact: Judith.Gregory@bridgesww.co.uk stating your company name/address/contact information and Judith will get in touch asap